Lydia, dancer (now graduate)

"Tomorrow is my last performance with International Ballet, and I'm full of such bittersweet emotions! Of course by leaving IBA, it feels like I'm leaving a part of myself behind with it, but I'm also so excited to watch the new generation of young dancers at International Ballet grow into beautiful stars️ So thank you to the people who made me who I am today... I know now that there's more to a studio than just great training. It's about the atmosphere, the passion, the dedication, but most importantly: it's about the people. "

Cali, dancer (now graduate)

"I chose IBA because of the teachers and the positive environment. Our teachers are not only phenomenal dancers, teachers, and choreographers; but they are also wonderful, honest people. Also, the studio is a place of encouragement and constructive criticism. IBA not only produces good dancers, they produce good people, and that is why I chose this studio.  I have learned that if I don’t try hard, I will not improve, and I believe that this idea has become part of who I am. Even if I am not dancing, that idea will still hold true, and that I believe will help me achieve whatever goal I have my eyes on."

Bobbie, mother

"My daughter has been to many studios in the past, but IBA has by far been the most professional and structured training so far.  They take their training seriously and apply it to every aspect of a dancers life. They produce well rounded dancers with focus on studio, school and community involvement... This isn't a "hobby" just for fun experience, if you're looking for instruction and a dance academy your dancer can excel to their highest then this is the place. Love love love our IBA family!"

Gabby, dancer (now graduate)

"Upon recently relocating, I have come to realize that the unknowns of choosing a new ballet company are absolutely terrifying, especially as an older dancer.  This year with IBA has pushed me to truly focus on my technique; you just don't get that at most studios... not everyone wants to pay attention to detail, because they just aren't that committed to excellence. I am incredibly blessed for the opportunity to have met these amazing people, even if only for my last 2 years. I could go on forever about how much I love this company, but bottom line is that they have given me back the love of dance I had completely lost just over a year ago. I am eternally grateful."

Elizabeth, mother

"My daughter has been a student at IBA for 6 years.  We have been so pleased by the quality of instruction with every teacher, every year.  There are two areas that have ended up having a real impression on me as a mom and in choosing the environment my child spends so much time in.  The first is that productions and performances (Nutcracker, Studio Performance Group, The End of the Year Demonstration, etc.) all have very reasonable fees.  There are no astronomical costume fees and no surprise expenses. 


I also appreciate that we feel very comfortable inviting friends and family to see her perform and I never worry about them sitting through any dancing that feels inappropriate or uncomfortable for both the older and younger members of our family, its all beautifully performed classical ballet and contemporary dancing. 


The other area that we have been so pleased to observe is the great role models that, not only the instructors are, but the older, more advanced girls.  They are sweet and encouraging to my daughter, and set an example in work ethic, thoughtfulness, and encouragement, as well as showing her what it really takes to dance at the level that they do.  These are only some of the behind the scenes benefits that have helped our family love and appreciate IBA"

Anonymous, mother

"IBA has exceptional instructors who provide strict discipline, an understanding of inner beauty and, mostly importantly, compassion to the dancers of IBA. Being part of the company was a valuable experience for my daughter because it opened her eyes to broader possibilities for dance in her life."