June 22, 2018

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An Interview with Julian Finley

April 24, 2017

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An Interview with Anna Ohi

The Director of Career & College Guidance recently interviewed Anna Ohi, who is featured in IBA's Student Spotlight for December.  Anna was chosen by her peers and the IBA directors.


IBA:  Congratulations, Anna, on being featured in IBA's Student Spotlight for December.   How long have you been dancing, and how long have you been a student at International Ballet Academy?


AO: Thank you very much! I’m very honored to have been chosen to be in the Student Spotlight. I have been dancing for almost 9 years, all at IBA.


IBA:  There are several dance schools in the Greater Greenville area.  What keeps you at IBA?  


AO: I started at IBA because it was the closest place to my house, but soon after a couple of years, I realized how special this place was to me. My teachers and friends are family to me.


IBA:  How do you manage to be an honor roll student while dancing several days per week?   


AO: I make sure I am completely focused when I do my homework or when I study, similar to when I do ballet. If I am not 100% focused, I will make mistakes.


IBA:   You just performed as Young Clara in International Ballet's The Nutcracker School Show at the Peace Center Concert.   What was that experience like for you?  


AO: It was a dream of mine (ever since I first joined The Nutcracker cast) to perform the role of Clara. I have never felt so connected to a character while performing on stage.


IBA:  What have been your best moments as a dancer?


AO: Performing as Clara was definitely one of the best moments, but there are so many other memorable moments as well. Performing in The Nutcracker for the first time as a baby mouse was a very special moment for me.


IBA:  Who are the biggest influences in your life?


AO: My family, Cara Gary, Miyako Yoshida, and Sarah Lamb are my biggest influences.


IBA:   What is something you have learned as a ballet dancer that has helped you in other areas of your life? 


AO: I have learned many things that has helped me in life. Dedication and Discipline are the biggest.


IBA:  Just for fun, complete this sentence.  "Ballet would be better without _____________."


AO: Injuries.


IBA:  What has been your biggest challenge as a dancer?


AO: There are times when I give my best, but it is sometimes not enough.


IBA: What advice do you have for younger ballet students?


AO: Ballet is fun! There will be times when it may be tough, but keep going! As long as you love ballet, everything will be worth it!


IBA:  Finally, Anna, do you have any goals or future plans regarding dance that you want to share with us?


AO: My dream is to have a job in a professional company.


IBA:  Thank you, Anna.  Again, congratulations and best of luck to you.  We are looking forward to watching you grow and improve in your dancing at IBA.


Photo by Jerry Finley Photography

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