International Ballet Academy maintains two chapters of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts

(NHSDA), a Secondary Chapter for high school students and a Junior Chapter for students in grades 6-8. 

Inductions of new students into the chapters occur annually at the IBA End-of-the-Year Demonstration

in May at the Peace Center's Gunter Theatre. Additionally, current members who keep up their NHSDA

membership by earning a minimum number of points each year are recognized at the Demonstration. 


What is NHSDA?

The National Honor Society for Dance Arts is a program of the National Dance Education Organization, created to recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students studying dance in public and private schools in

K-12 education, dance studios, cultural/community centers, performing arts organizations, and post-secondary education.

The NHSDA offers three levels of induction: The Junior Program for grades 6-8, The Secondary Program for grades 9-12, and The Collegiate Program for students in college or university dance programs.


Chapter Sponsor

The IBA Chapter Sponsor is Emily Paluszak, Director of Career & College Guidance. 




Qualifications for NHSDA Membership

Students earn membership by accumulating points awarded for their courses, activities, volunteer experiences, awards, performances, and attendance at performances related to dance.  Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA (or B average for middle school students), pay annual dues ($20 per year for students not in IBA's Pre-Professional Program; Pre-Professional students receive a 50% discount.), perform volunteer service for the chapter, and be of good character. (Students who have been expelled from a dance institution are not eligible for NHSDA membership.)



Beginning in 2017-2018, all inductees and current members must annually log at least 4 hours of dance-related volunteer service for the IBA Chapter.  The chapter sponsor can help you find service hours if needed.  



Inductees receive an honor pin and a certificate of achievement from the national NHSDA.

Members earning 10 or more annual points receive a certificate of achievement from the IBA Chapter. 

Graduating seniors receive a blue & white honor cord to wear with their cap & gowns at their graduation ceremonies. 

All NHSDA members & inductees are recognized at the IBA End-of-Year Demonstration and are listed in the program.

NHSDA members may list NHSDA membership on their college & scholarship applications and dance resumes.


Deadlines (2018-2019):

Applications for NHSDA Membership for 2018-2019 are due by March 15. (March 1 for Pre-Professional Students)

(Points to be earned after March 15 but before the IBA Demonstration may be marked "pending.")


Dues must be paid to the IBA Office by April 15. (Make checks payable to IBA.)

(Only inductees and members pay dues. No dues are required to carry over points. )


Carryover points for future membership (earned between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019) are due June 20, 2019.

Points not carried over will expire after this date.  

(Please note that 8th graders may only carry over 5 points per year of Junior Chapter membership

to 9th grade to earn Secondary Chapter membership.)











Point Guide:

Junior Chapter (Grades 6-8) New Inductee: 20 points

*Secondary Chapter (Grades 9-12) New Inductee 30 points


Junior Chapter Members (Grades 7-8): 10 points for further recognition at IBA Demonstration

Secondary Chapter Members (Grades 10-12) 10 points for further recognition at IBA Demonstration 

*Students in Grade 9 must earn Secondary Chapter membership.


*Membership does not transfer from Junior to Secondary Chapters. Secondary Membership must be earned anew.  However,  5 points per year of IBA Junior Chapter membership may be carried over to earn Secondary Chapter membership.


Non-Chapter Points: Non-chapter points are points earned with non-IBA or IB events or activities. No more than 10 non-chapter points may count towards earning secondary membership.  No more than 5 non-chapter points may count towards earning junior membership.  Up to 2 points annually can count towards further recognition.

Non-chapter points are evaluated by the chapter sponsor.












How to Earn NHSDA Points:

Dance Class Hours For every 45 hours spent in IBA dance classes, 1 point is earned. 

However, the maximum number of points that can be earned with dance class hours per year is 3.


IB/ IBA Performances Students earn points for performing. Some examples of performances at IBA/ IB that earn chapter points are International Ballet's The Nutcracker, Studio Performance Group (SPG), IBA's End-of-the-Year Demonstration at Gunter Theatre, IBA Summer Intensive Demonstration, and company performances such as IB's Fall Chamber Concert (L'Automne), Storytime Ballet, and Nutcracker Tea. Some performances earn more points than others.  For example, IB's The Nutcracker earns 3 points; while an SPG performance earns 0.5 points. Other dance performances can earn non-chapter points. 


IBA Summer Intensive Attendance (2018) Students earn points for attending IBA's Summer Intensive in June (at the beginning of the academic year, not the one after the end of the year).  A point for performing at the end of the three weeks can also be earned. (Note: Summer Intensive class hours cannot be counted for both class hours and attending summer intensive.)  Students may earn up to three additional non-chapter points for attending other summer intensives and one point for performing; however, there is a limit to the number of non-chapter points that can be earned in a year.


IBA Chapter Volunteer Service Points can be earned by volunteering at or for IBA/ IB.  Beginning in 2017-2018, four hours of chapter volunteer service is required for new membership or further recognition.  Many students volunteer for International Ballet at Greenville's Artisphere in May (see chapter sponsor if interested); others serve in some other way.  Please note that volunteers service performed for IBA scholarship requirements does not count towards the NHSDA 4-hour requirement; however, it may qualify for points toward membership.


IBA/IB Performance Attendance Students can be earned by attending IBA/IB performances, usually 0.25 point per production.  However, points cannot be earned for attendance for productions in which the student is performing or volunteering. Points can be earned by attending productions such as IB's The Nutcracker, L'Automne, IB's Cultura (2019 Spring Show), Greenville Symphony Orchestra's Holiday at Peace  (IB performs at this each year.), IB's Artisphere performance in May, the Studio Performance Group's Fall & Spring Shows, IB's Storytime Ballet (at the Greenville County Library), the IB Nutcracker Tea, and the attending the Youth America Grand Prix competition (to watch IBA students compete).  Others may qualify for points, and a limited number of points may be earned by attending non-chapter performances; however, these performances must be dance performances.


Honors, Awards, & Achievements Points are awarded to students who are IBA scholarship recipients and who compete for IBA in the Youth America Grand Prix competition.

Participating in an IBA-sponsored Master Class also earns points.

Other dance-related honors, awards, achievements, and master class attendances can earn non-chapter points.


Other Ways to Earn Points Students can earn points in other ways.  If a student is very close to earning membership (within a point or two), he or she should contact the chapter sponsor for ideas about earning additional points. 


Non-Chapter Points for Non-IBA/IB Events/ Activities Students may earn up to 10 points towards Secondary chapter membership, up to 5 points towards Junior Chapter membership, and up to 2 points for further recognition.  The chapter sponsor determines the point value. 


Pending Points Since some IBA/IB events occur after the NHSDA application deadline, students are encouraged to submit "pending points" for which they reasonably expect to earn.  For example, an IBA student planning to perform in the IBA End-of-Year Demonstration can enter 2 "pending points" on her application.  The chapter sponsor will do a final check of the student's application and points log on the day of the Demonstration dress rehearsal to assure that the student is eligible to be inducted or recognized at the Demonstration.  
















Since NHSDA requires its members to be of "good character," IBA reserves the right to reject any membership application if the chapter sponsor, along with the academy directors, determines that the student is not worthy of the designation of "honor student."  An example of this might include a student who is caught using drugs, viewing pornography, or bullying or harassing a fellow student on IBA property; or a student who is convicted of a felony offense in a court of law.  Furthermore, the chapter sponsor may require verification of points submitted on the application, and she makes the final determination of the value of points awarded. IBA and the Chapter Sponsor do NOT keep points records once the student has been inducted, except a record of the number of points to carry over into the preceding year.  Applications and paperwork used to determine eligibility for membership are not official documents and are destroyed once the student has been inducted.  Students should not use NHSDA as a way to personally document achievements. Students are encouraged to maintain dance portfolios and resumes for documenting dance achievements.  There may be additional policies regarding the IBA NHSDA chapters that are not listed here, and NHSDA national or chapter rules and requirements are subject to change at any time.


Non-Preprofessional students, please email Emily Paluszak at to request a 2018-2019 application. 

Preprofessional students (IB company members) will have their applications automatically emailed to them early in 2019.