International Ballet Academy seeks to be a training ground for excellent students - in dance and in life.  Our instructors focus on building valuable skills in class and providing a strong foundation for students of every level. 

Our End of Year Demonstration is just that - a showcase of the skills that each class has worked on throughout the year.  All students are invited to perform in the End of Year Demonstration and will learn a dance for their respective classes (i.e. Ballet Level class, as well as Supplemental classes).  See our gallery below for more!

Students perform in simple, modest costuming - which means you won't be paying for astronomical costume fees each year, and your students can focus on the dancing itself.  Students still feel special at demonstration, however, with a special skirt and headpiece (for females), and the exciting opportunity to perform at the Peace Center's Gunter Theatre in Downtown Greenville.

End of Year Demonstration

  • Age-appropriate and family-friendly choreography

  • Variety of levels to demonstrate Academy scope/progression

  • Simple, modest costuming

  • Short, hour-long concert

  • Affordable fee/ticket prices

  • Register for next year in the theatre lobby                ($20 registration fee discount)

  • Recognition of Graduates and NHSDA inductees/members

  • End of Year Demo Fee  -  $55

    • Covers Costume rental,

    • Performance DVD, and

    • 2 Tickets (Additional: $10)

  • Peace Center Gunter Theatre

    • Rehearsal: Friday May 25​

    • Performance: Saturday, May 26

  • Performance Videography/DVD included

  • Performance Photography for purchase

Demonstrations Details




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